About us - Tanchel

About us

TANCHEL is a small independent label and was founded with the clear objective of offering handmade sustainable luxury, designer classics to modern women.

I focus on bringing the highest level of design and craftsmanship, without the wholesale markups, while slowing the fashion cycle and leading the way for socially conscious businesses.


My mission is to put truth back in luxury fashion by giving You beautiful, well-crafted, and reasonably priced leather accessories.

I believe that Craftsmanship in the fullest sense of the word is a way of life. It is: about fully engaging our heads, hands, and hearts in our labors; it is about adhering to a set of values and principles that produce objects that are not only functional and beautiful but also made for a sustainable lifestyle; it is a way of thinking and doing where humanity is in tune with nature, not working against it. It leads to a world that’s built to last.


The environment in which my products are made is intimate, hands-on, and personal. All manufacturing processes share the typical ‘crafted by hand’ tradition of respecting the material and working with hands.

I use only deadstock leather from craftsmen in Italy & Spain who use old-fashioned methods to stretch, prepare, and treat the leather to give it a beautiful texture and supple feel. All the skins are sewn in my small workshop with great skill and attention to detail ensuring that the product is perfectly put together. Each carefully minded detail makes for a perfect whole.

Solid brass & zinc alloy metal parts are crafted by manufacturers in Italy & Spain that have a deep knowledge of the material. I take extra care to use only the best materials, and I search high and low to find them at the best rates possible without sacrificing quality or design.

I contribute to a better environment by using eco-friendly packaging. All jewelry boxes use FSC®-certified natural cardboard and water-based glue. Because the boxes are produced in our partner’s own factory in Denmark, they have a much lower carbon footprint, as it keeps the CO2 emissions for the transport of the boxes to a minimum. Each box is stamped with the FSC®-logo.

The FSC® mark (www.fsc.org.) guarantees that all materials come from an FSC® forest, where no more wood is cut down than the forest can reproduce. This means better protection of the animal- and plant life, and all foresters have proper training, safety equipment, and a decent wage.

Jewelry pouches are Fairtrade certified. When a product carries the Fairtrade Mark it means the producers and traders must comply with the standards and rules of Fairtrade. Read more about Fairtrade https://www.fairtrade.org.uk


My passion for creativity started at a very young age. Even being a teenager I was already designing and making clothing and accessories for myself and my friends in my cozy white room.

Soon after I graduated from university, I started working in fashion, but my true love affair with leather started when I was working for Yves Saint Laurent. I was given first-hand access to see how their meticulous leather goods were made. I was fascinated with the care for every single piece they produce, and most importantly I discovered my love for leather. It felt like no other material, looking gorgeous old and new, worn and uncut, soulful and exclusive, with a raw beauty as nature intended it.

This fascination turning it into a passion.

In 2011, my passion for adventure led me to Bali, Indonesia. One month stay became a one year journey in this magical creative sanctuary. There’s an artistic spirit that lives in Bali’s electric green rice paddies-and island’s warm ocean gives it pure energy. The island was my root of inspiration, the foundation of my love for exotic leathers, the tropical mood, and my passion to discover, travel, and have a deeper connection with people I met along the way. Lying on the white Bali’s beach with the „Alchemist“ in my hands, I had an epiphany – I need to follow my dreams, and my dream was creating my own designs from leather – ones I can touch, wear and share.

In 2012, I came back to my hometown and a year after TANCHEL was born.

Even though I had 15 years of experience in the Fashion industry working for Luxury & High-End Fashion brands, I had no experience working with leather. I made lots of mistakes along the way, with the vision to create the highest quality product and an equally excellent buying experience.

It has been one of the most difficult things I have ever done, but absolutely the most rewarding and exhilarating. So much care, attention, and love have been invested into every product I offer. All my family members, my friends, and even clients were invested in building TANCHEL.

Beata E.